Cr4.+:YAG кристаллы

Cr4.+:YAG кристаллы

Dimensional tolerances +0/-0.1 mm
Surface quality 10-5 S-D
Surface flatness <λ/10 @ 632.8 nm
Parallelism error <10 arcsec
Perpendicularity <5 arcmin
Protective chamfers <0.1 mm x 45°
AR coatings reflectivity <0.2 % @ 1064 nm
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Passive Q-switches or saturable absorbers provide high power laser pulses without electro-optic Q-switches, thereby reducing the package size and eliminating a high voltage power supply. Altechna offers a wide range of solid state saturable absorbers such as Co:Spinel, Cr4+:YAG, V3+:YAG and others. Cr4+:YAG is an excellent passive Q-switch crystal for Nd and Yb doped lasers (especially for Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF or Yb:YAG), if the wavelength is in the range of 900-1200 nm.
varna Chemical stability
varna UV resistant
varna Good thermal conductivity
varna High damage threshold (> 500 MW/cm2)

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Coatings Dimensions, mm Initial transmission @ 1064nm Delivery Product ID Цена
[email protected] nm Ø5 T0=30% Request 3-CRYAG-30-05 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm 3x3 T0=30% Request 3-CRYAG-30-33 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm Ø5 T0=40% Request 3-CRYAG-40-05 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm 3x3 T0=40% Request 3-CRYAG-40-33 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm Ø5 T0=50% Request 3-CRYAG-50-05 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm 3x3 T0=50% Request 3-CRYAG-50-33 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm Ø5 T0=60% Request 3-CRYAG-60-05 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm 3x3 T0=60% Request 3-CRYAG-60-33 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm 5x5 T0=60% Request 3-CRYAG-60-55 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm Ø5 T0=70% Request 3-CRYAG-70-05 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm 3x3 T0=70% Request 3-CRYAG-70-33 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm 5x5 T0=70% Request 3-CRYAG-70-55 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm Ø5 T0=80% Request 3-CRYAG-80-05 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm 3x3 T0=80% Request 3-CRYAG-80-33 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm Ø5 T0=85% Request 3-CRYAG-85-05 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm 3x3 T0=85% Request 3-CRYAG-85-33 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm 5x5 T0=85% Request 3-CRYAG-85-55 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm Ø5 T0=90% Request 3-CRYAG-90-05 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm 3x3 T0=90% Request 3-CRYAG-90-33 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm Ø5 T0=95% Request 3-CRYAG-95-05 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm 3x3 T0=95% Request 3-CRYAG-95-33 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm 5x5 T0=95% Request 3-CRYAG-95-55 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm Ø5 T0=97% Request 3-CRYAG-97-05 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm 3x3 T0=97% Request 3-CRYAG-97-33 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm 5x5 T0=97% Request 3-CRYAG-97-55 Запрос REQ
[email protected] nm 5x5 T0=80% Request 3-CRYAG-80-55 215 €
[email protected] nm 5x5 T0=90% Request 3-CRYAG-90-55 215 €
[email protected] nm 5x5 T0=30% Request 3-CRYAG-30-55 230 €
[email protected] nm 5x5 T0=40% Request 3-CRYAG-40-55 230 €
[email protected] nm 5x5 T0=50% Request 3-CRYAG-50-55 230 €

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