MOTEX - Motorized Tunable Beam Expanders

MOTEX - Motorized Tunable Beam Expanders

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Lens material UV grade fused silica
Motorized magnification 2.5x-12x
Adjustable divergence Manual
Entrance beam diameter up to 10 mm
Output beam diameter up to 48 mm
Divergence <1 mrad
Overall transmission 98.5 %
LIDT >7 J/cm2 for 10 ns pulses @ 1064 nm
Control interface USB
Software platform WindowsTM
Dimensions (H x W x L) 181 x 58 x 58 mm
Material Black anodized aluminium
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MoTex is a zoom beam expander, designed for automated applications. It combines 5 separate lenses to provide variable magnification from x2,5 to x12. Control solution of the beam expander is versatile - making it controllable either remotely from computer or directly with control buttons. Driver and all the motors are integrated in the casing of beam expander, even though it is compact and convenient for usage. 
Standard wavelengths are 1st-3rd Nd:YAG harmonics, but any custom wavelength is available on request.

varna Aberration minimized design (special aberration compensation layout)
varna Plug & play solution (controller included)
varna Suitable for ultrafast picosecond and femtosecond lasers
varna Reduced setup time by automatic magnification adjustment
varna Manual magnification control
varna LabView support
varna Programming examples
varna Control via RS232 available
varna Custom magnifications ranges available on request

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Lens material Magnification range Wavelength, nm Delivery Product ID Цена
UVFS 2.5x-12x 510-540 Request 6-BE-Tx2.5-12-0532-M 2225 €
UVFS 2.5x-12x 1020-1070 Request 6-BE-Tx2.5-12-1064-M 2225 €
UVFS 2x-6x 510-540 Request 6-BE-Tx2-6-0532-M 2225 €
UVFS 2x-6x 1020-1070 Request 6-BE-Tx2-6-1064-M 2225 €
UVFS 4x-8x 510-540 Request 6-BE-Tx4-8-0532-M 2225 €
UVFS 4x-8x 1020-1070 Request 6-BE-Tx4-8-1064-M 2225 €
UVFS 2.5x-9.5x 1020-1070 Request 6-BE-Tx2.5-9.5-1064-M 2225 €
UVFS 2.5x-9.5x 510-540 Request 6-BE-Tx2.5-9.5-0532-M 2225 €
UVFS 2.5x-12x 340-360 Request 6-BE-Tx2.5-12-0350-M 2625 €
UVFS 2x-6x 340-360 Request 6-BE-Tx2-6-0355-M 2625 €
UVFS 4x-8x 340-360 Request 6-BE-Tx4-8-0355-M 2625 €
UVFS 2.5x-9.5x 340-360 Request 6-BE-Tx2.5-9.5-0355-M 2625 €

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