GaSe кристаллы

GaSe кристаллы

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Transparency range 650-18000nm
Nonlinear coefficients d22 = 54 pm/V
Orientation accuracy of cut angle <30arcmin
Surface quality Suface is cleaved but suitable for laser applications
Optical damage threshold >30MW/cm2 for 10ns pulses @ 1064 nm
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GaSe has been successfully used for:
  • efficient SHG of CO 2 laser (up to 9% conversion);
  • for SHG of pulsed CO, CO2 and chemical DF-laser (l = 2.36 mkm) radiation;
  • upconversion of CO and CO2 laser radiation into the visible range; infrared pulses generation via difference frequency mixing of Neodymium and infrared dye laser or (F-)-centre laser pulses;
  • OPG light generation within 3.5 - 18 mkm.
It is impossibile to cut crystals for certain phase matching angles because of material structure (cleave along (001) plane) limiting areas of applications.

Why GaSe geometry is special?
varna Efficient generation of second harmonics of laser radiation 10,6 microns
varna Suitable for DFG from middle infrared regions up to 17 microns

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